China High Quality Cold Rolled Hot Rolled Low Carbon Steel Plate

A type of material that uses a large amount of steel plates is divided into ordinary low-carbon steel plates and special steel plates, including low-alloy high-strength steels and corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant multi-layer steel plates. Ordinary low-carbon steel plates are divided into two types: cold-rolled and hot-rolled. Cold-rolled steel plates have good surface quality and accurate thickness dimensions. They are mostly used to make car bodies. Hot-rolled plates are mostly used to make car frames and the like.

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The types of steel plates are usually divided into three types: thick plates (above 6mm), medium-thick plates (3-6mm) and thin plates (below 3mm) according to their thickness. In terms of plate-making process, low-carbon steel plates can be divided into two types: cold-rolled and hot-rolled. Hot rolling alone can produce low-carbon steel plates of about 1.2mm and stainless steel plates of about 2mm. Thinner plates can be manufactured by cold rolling, annealing and tempering rolling. 

Carbon steel plates are widely used in many professional machinery and equipment and large structural parts in the manufacturing industry. For example, in the engineering, energy and mining machinery industries, many products use steel plates with a thickness of 6-20 mm. Some of these steel plates are flat plates without hollows, and most of them are plates with a porosity of 30%. 

Type Grade
General Carbon Steel Plate q235c. q235d. q235e
Low Alloy Steel Plate q345b. q345c. q345d. q345e
Bridge Plate q235qc. q235qd. q345qc. q345qd. q345qe. q370qc.  q370qd. q370qe. q420qc. q420qd. q420qe. 16mnq. 14mnnbq
Container Plate q245r. q345r. q370r. 16mndr. 16mnr. 16mng. 20r. 20g. 15crmor.12cr1movr
High Construction Steel Plate q235gjb.q235gjc.q235gjd.q235gje.q345gjb.q345gjc.q345gjd.q460gjc.q460gjd
High-Strength Steel Plate q390b. q390c. q390d. q390e. q420b. q420c. q420d. q420e. q460c. q460d. q460e. q500c. q500d. q500e. q550c. q550d. q550e. q620c. q620d. q620e. q690c. q690d. q690e
Ship Steel Plate Ccs/Abs/Gl/Bv/Dnv/Kdk/Lr, a. b. d. e. a32. d32. e32. f32, a36, d36. e36, f36. a40. d40. e40. f40;
Low Temperature Resistant Steel Plate q235c q235d q235e q345c q345d q345e 16mnc 16mnd 16mne
Steel Plate For Boiler 20g 16mng 15crmog 12cr1movg
High Quality Carbon Steel Plate 10# 20# 35# 45# 50# 20mn 30mn 35mn 40mn 45mn 50mn 16mn 20mn2 35mn2 45mn2
Alloy Steel Plate 15crmo  35crmo 42crmo 20crmo 12cr1mov 27simn 60si2mn 20cr 40cr

Note: we provide customize service, all the steel tube will according your design to produce it.

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